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softclaim™ location aware maps


Softclaim™ Location Aware Maps



You can use waypoints to define the locations on the map that the route must go through. A waypoint can be either a StopOver (for example, start or destination) or a PassThrough. A valid CalculateRoute request must include at least two StopOver Waypoints. 



Driving instruction text with Distance and Time to destination.


Home Health Care - Medical Claim Tracking

  • Captures physical location of "point of care" pin pointing location where care was provided and claim was captured. 
  • Many states require the specific Geo-location of care provided in order to validate the physical presence at the patients residence or location of care.
  • Reduces fraudulent claims submitted when care wasn't provided by the healthcare provider at the patients physical  location.
  • Map Patient, Provider, Carrier, Referring and Rendering Physician Locations
  • Map Claim Locations

Medical Transportation - Medical Supply Delivery

  • Calculate distances and drive times
  • Helps drivers comply with regulations
  • Routes in private areas
  • Precise, end-to-end tracking and accurate, real-time, and historical locations for devices, people, and things.
  • Reliable positioning enables tracking on a truly global scale.
  •  Helps reduce fraudulent claims submitted  and driver costs when drivers don't comply with optimal route or do not provide service as prescribed.