inventing the future of healthcare medical claim software

Operating Platforms


  • Windows™ XP
  • Windows™ 7
  • Windows™ 10
  • Windows™ Server 2019
  • Cloud
    • Azure™
    • AWS™

Multi-User System


  • Multiple concurrent users 
    • Database (file) sharing, concurrent access, record locking
    • Login: security and password management 
      • Allows multiple login
    • Enforce case sensitive passwords
      • Regular password changes
      • Minimum password composition
      • Supports central configuration, no need to go to each workstation



  • Manage images add to database records
    • Patient Record Images
    • Claim Record Images
  • Stores image as a BLOB

Hand-writing Recognition


  • Supports the ability to take as input handwriting from direct input to the touchscreen and then interpreted this as text.
  • Reads the handwriting as actual text
  • Stylus or finger

Verification of Codes - Table Lookup


  • Increase accuracy and reimbursement with correct data
  • Manage the data "files", i.e. codes, CPT/HCPCS, States, Qualifier, etc. that are are used to complete Insurance claims.



  •  Quicker more accurate processing
    • Patient
    • IDC Codes
  • Security and privacy
  • Electronic and printed claim documents
  • QR code is unique and digitally signed by the issuing  clinic or hospital with its private key
    • Cross checked for to avoid duplication and a double processing of claims
  • QR code can be easily added into  the system
  • Save cost, time and avoid errors

UAC Path Manager - Multiple Data Sets


  • First Deploy Technology
  • Manages Multiple Data Sets
  • User Account Control (UAC) Approved Location Supported
  • Solves path problems
  • Manage single or multiple data locations, even on a Network
  • Control file paths with CSIDL values, the Windows Registry or External Control Files
  • First Run Technology to let your users confirm or select a data path on startup

One-click Claim Copy


  • Copy "Duplicate" claims instantly without data entry
  • Copy Completed message

Pop-up Help "What's This?" Help


  • Windows style, referential help 
  • Right-click on any field to popup,  our unique field-by-field "What's This" help 
  • Makes it easy for your users to get help on any control on the screen. 
  • Plus since nobody likes adding Help to their system, we made help editable at run-time. 
  • Alt+E on any field to create User Customized pop-up Help

VCR Style Buttons


  • VCR style buttons in claim form
    • First, Previous
    • Next
    • Beginning of File
    • End of File

Hyperlink to WWW


  • Built-in Internet Access to the WWW
  • One click hyperlink to web pages
    • File type
    • Web
    • eMail
  • Hyperlinking clues
    • Color
    • Mouse cursor

Search with QBE "Query by Example"


  • Search on all text fields 
  • QBE "Query by  Example" search supports JOINS
  • Start at the beginning of the file or currently highlighted record
  • QBE can be saved and reused
  • Multi-language support

Import / Export

  • Import and Export Data
  • User-friendly, zero-support
  •  Easy user-controlled “drag-and-drop” import and export of data
    • ASCII
    • dBase
    • HTML
    • Flat ASCII
    • Excel

Audit Trail - Logging and Rollback


  • Complete Audit Trail (Log) of all adds, changes and deletes
  • Unlimited "undo" facility to revert changes - "Rollback"
  • Undelete records
  • The size of the audit file is kept under control because changes are  stored on a field-by-field basis (not the whole record for every change)
  • Changes to individual fields can be rolled back. 

Outlook™ Style Calendar


  • Outlook™ style calendar
    • Manage appointments
      • Arrange by
      • Day
      • Week
      • Month
  • Week view is displayed as a seven day calendar; month view is designed like a traditional 31 day calendar
  • Appointments can be rescheduled by dragging the appointment to the new time. Can easily be identified by assigning them a color label or a busy status. Can be labeled as ?private? or ?meeting?

Database Management


  • Run-time File Manager
  • Automatically upgrade files
  • Copy updated program files across a network
  • No need for a DBA (Database Administrator)

Security Manager


  • User Access Control
    • Logins and Passwords
    • User access rights - Role Based Security
    • User Groups and Work groups
    • Browse Users
    • Browse User Groups
    • Set User Access
    • Register Product
    • Supervisor Logon

Send To


 Wouldn't it be nice to be able to export a list straight to the print, a file (like Excel or Word) or Email it?

  • SendTo will enable you to send your data exactly as it appears in a browse to the Print, or File (HTML, Excel, Word, CSV, XML, JSON or PDF) or email it directly.
  • Simply drop on the SendTo button on any browse or list in the App

Claim Expert System


  • Expert System Knowledge Base
  • Every business has "expert knowledge" which it depends on. Often it's in the heads of key individuals who could leave, become ill etc. 
  • It will become the "go to" contact for storing expert claims, coding and billing knowledge.

Dashboard with Real-Time Information

  • Display Dashboard with all real-time information in a single window
  • Organize data and view it in a way that makes sense to you
  • Highly customizable create container "Widgets"
    • User has complete control over which widgets are displayed
      • Size and order

Report Writer

  • Create, edit and print reports
  • Completely customize reports with Report Writer

Graphing and Charts


  • A picture is worth a thousand words, allows you to display graph data directly
  • Support for 
    • 2D or 3D look
    • Bar, Pareto, Line, Gantt, Time, Donut and Pie Charts
  • Fast drawing engine with automatic shading
  • Automatic axis labeling

NetTalk - Email, FTP, SMS, HTTP/HTTPS Web-client, OAuth Client


  • TCP/IP communications support to interact with other programs.
  • Includes all Net Auto functionality:
    • NetRefresh
    • NetAutoClose
    • NetSimple (server and client)
  • Plus:
    • SMTP/POP3/IMAP Email
    • FTP
    • HTTP and HTTPS WebClient
    • LDAP, Active Directory, Desktop Maps, OAuth Client and more

jFiles <json> for Moving Data


  • Consume JSON files
  • Create JSON files
  • JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a semi-formatted structure used for moving data between programs.
  • It is more structured (and easier to deal with) than CSV but less verbose then XML.
  • Especially popular as a format used to interchange data over the internet - either between a browser and a server, between a Web Service and a client, or between a mobile device and a web server.

Secure Automated Upgrade over the Web

  • Provides an automated feature to securely and automatically update your App over the web.
  • Softclaim™ updates itself automatically when a new version is available
  • Quick and easy, simple user interface
  • Avoids malicious file downloads because it includes security in the form of digital signatures appended to both the Update File and the Version File.

Highly Accurate Maps


  • Interactive Maps
    • Map Image
    • Map Tile
    • Venue Maps
  • Search and Geocoder - Use latitude and longitude to search for addresses and POIs
  • GEOCODER - Convert street addresses into geo-coordinates
  • Navigation and Routing - from voice-guided pedestrian routing, to inter-modal routing, to optimized vehicle routing
  • Fleet Telematics

File Explorer


  • Play all music, and video files.
  • View PDF files
  • Browse and Edit HTML files
  • Play Sound Files - supported formats include MP3, Wav, Snd, Au, MID, m3u AND mpe ETC. (all formats supported by Windows Media Player)
  • Play Macromedia Flash (SWF) Files
  • Display eMail (EML) and Web Archive (MHT) files
  • Rich document editing and easy "mail merge" style functionality


Softclaim™ Office Inside Interacts Directly with MS Office

Softclaim™  Interacts directly with:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft PowerPoint


  • Import data from/Export data to Excel
  • Create and edit documents and spreadsheets in Word and Excel
  • Use Word's MailMerge to send multiple personalized emails from a single generic document.
  • Spell Checking
  • Import and export (read and write) mail messages in Outlook
  • Read, Create, Edit and Delete Contacts (Outlook Address Book)
  • Read, Create, Edit and Delete and Appointments and Tasks (Calendar entries)
  • Import and Export between Excel and Softclaim™ database
  • Generate read-only, or fully editable Word documents from your existing reports
  • Generate fully editable Excel spreadsheets from your existing reports
  • Send email straight to your MS Outlook "Outbox", synchronize mail accounts to send and receive mail and fully interact with Outlook.