The Softclaim™ App

  • Healthcare Information Technology (IT) Software
    • Softclaim™ software technology continues to evolve incorporating medical claims billing, state-of-the-art internet communications, cloud c, and enhanced features for GEOLocation, Maps and Routing with optimization.
  • Roots in Medical Claim Processing
    • It's original foundation feature was the simple and easy entry of Medical Insurance Claims for submission on paper forms or uploaded for electronic submission.
      • Softclaim™ continues to hold on to its medical claim processing roots as the simplest, most efficient and productive claim processing app on the market today.
  • Technology Evolves and so will Softclaim™ 
    • Our product features set listed below goes beyond medical claims processing and to the future technology needs of Healthcare professionals today, and in the future.

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Multi-user: 5 Concurrent User Seats**

 ** Additional license seats can be purchased to add users. 

  • Claim Billing CMS-1500 Health Insurance Claim Billing - Print Form, Upload EMC to Clearinghouse 
  • Claim Entry
    • "Simple" - Fill-in-the-Blanks (FITB) - Quick entry, fill in the blanks on the form
    • "Pro" - with Patient Registration Data - Select Patient copies data, Claim Code Validation
  • Maps, Routing and Directions for Patients and Claims
    • Patient and Claim record GEOLocation
    • Route Optimization - automated route optimization for efficient route plan
    • Waypoints - You can use waypoints to define the locations on the map that the route must go through. 
    • Directions - Driving instruction text with Distance and Time to destination
  • Email Support - (SMTP, POP3, IMAP), Send and Receive eMail
  • Send To  - Export -  Email, FTP & Export 
  • Interacts with  MS Office
    • Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Upload to Cloud Storage -  DropBox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive
  • Access Security  -  User Access Control, Logins and Passwords, User Groups and Workgroups
  • Handwriting Character Recognition -  Pop-up Character Keyboards
  • Database File Manager - Automatic structure upgrading, Automatic detection fixing file corruption
  • Audit Trail Rollback - Records can be "un-deleted", all transactions are recorded in an audit log.
  • Outlook Style Calendar - Supports multiple-schedules, multiple schedule views, appointments
  • Patient Record Images - Capture images at point of registration, stores image with patient record.
  • Claim Images and QR Codes - Store up to six QR codes per claim record
  • Hyperlink to Internet - Interacts with the outside world via the internet
  • One-click copy (Duplicate) - Duplicate any claim or patient with a single mouse click
  • File Explorer - View PDF files, play sound files, play video files, play flash files
  • NetTalk TCP/IP - Interact wit other programs over TCP/IP,  OAuth Client
  • QBE "Query by Example" - Search on all text fields and/or do QBE searches, QBE save queries
  • Right Report Writer - Easily create custom reports
  • Multi-Data Set Management - Support for multiple data sets and runtime file deployment
  • Import/Export - ASCII, Flat, comma, tab, pipe, semicolon, JSON, XML
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboard - displays real-time information to the use
  • Securing Data at Rest - Encryption & Hashing, AES256 Algorithm

Softclaim Deploy
Softclaim Deploy
Softclaim Deploy
Softclaim Deploy
Softclaim Deploy
Softclaim Deploy


Patient & Claim Geolocation

  • Accurately track with or without GPS
    • Patients
    • Claims

Route Optimization

  • Automated route optimization 
    • For efficient route plan
  • Waypoints 
    • You can use waypoints to define the locations on the map that the route must go through.


  • Driving instruction text 
  • Distance and Time to destination 

softclaim supports the following operating platforms

Softclaim Deploy

  • Compute PC Stick
    • Windows™ 10 (64-Bit)
      • 2/4Gb Ram
      • 32/64Gb Storage

  • Workstation
    • Laptop
    • Tablet
    • Desktop 

  • Servers 
    • 2008 to 2019 

  • Cloud
    • Azure™
    • AWS™

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