Healthcare IT 2020

Softclaim™ Healthcare IT 2020

  • Healthcare Information Technology (IT) that are needed today and a necessity for the future.


Claim Billing CMS-1500  Health Insurance Claim Form

  • Print Claim Form
  • Upload EDI to Claims Clearinghouse

Claim Entry "Simple" Fill-In-The-Blanks (FITB) Entry

  • Quick and Easy - Less than  a minute to complete a standard claim, fill in the blanks 

Claim Entry "Pro" with Patient Registration Integration & Data Validation

  • Select Patient from Registration Table
  • All Patient information copied to claim automatically
  • All codes validated against "validation tables"
  • Tables are editable during claim entry
  • Patient registration editable during claim entry
  • If value is incorrect "Popup" appears to allow correction or addition of the value to the table

Maps, Routing and Directions for Patients and Claims

  • Patient Address Mapping
  • Route Optimization - automated route optimization for efficient route plan
  • Waypoints - You can use waypoints to define the locations on the map that the route must go through. 
  • Directions - Driving instruction text with Distance and Time to destination

Multi-user - Concurrent Simultaneous Operators

  • Base comes with One Supervisor and One Operator 
  • Additional Operator "seats" can be purchased and added to system without code changes
  • Database file sharing, record locking
  • Operator ID assigned to Claim and Patient Records
  • Great for Medical Claims Billing
  • Manage claims by Client ID

Email Support

  • (SMTP, POP3, IMAP)  
  • Send and Receive eMail

SendTo  - Export

  • Email, FTP & Export 
  • Print
  • Email
  • FTP & Clipboard

Interacts with  MS Office COM Components

  • Word
  • Outlook
    • eMail
    • Calendar
    • Tasks
    • Contacts
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint

Upload to Cloud Storage

  • DropBox
  • Google Drive
  • Microsoft OneDrive

Access Security

  • User Access Control 
  • Logins and Passwords 
  • User Groups and Workgroups
  • Role definition

Handwriting Character Recognition

  • Pop-up Character Keyboards

Database File Manager

  • Automatic structure upgrading, Automatic detection fixing file corruption 

Audit Trail Rollback

  • Records can be "Un-deleted"
  • All transaction changes are recorded

Online Help Tips

  • Windows style referential help
  • Help editable at Runtime
  • Add HTML links in tips

Comprehensive User Reference

  • Step-by-step Instructions, Screen Illustrations 

Outlook Style Calendar

  • Supports Multi-Schedules
    • Multiple schedule views
  • Appointments
  • Reminders
  • Recurring events, Month, day, week view.

Patient Record Images

  • Capture images at point of registration, 
  • Stores images in Patient record  

Claim Images and QR Codes

  • Store up to six (6) QR codes per claim record 

Hyperlink to Internet

  • Interacts with the outside world via the Internet

One-click copy (Duplicate)

  • "Duplicate" any Claim or Patient Record in the Database, 
  • Creates Exact duplicate "Copy" a Patient or Claim Record
  • Eliminates Redundant Data Entry
  • Improves Accuracy and Efficiency

File Explorer

  • View PDF files
  • Play Sound files 
  • Play Video files 
  • Play Macromedia Flash files

NetTalk™ TCP/IP

  • Interact with other programs over TCP/IP.
  • SMTP/POP3/IMAP Email, FTP, HTTP and HTTPS WebClient 
  • It also includes LDAP, Active Directory
  • OAuth Client and more.

QBE "Query by Example"

  • Search, Tag, Un-tag
  • Search on all text fields and/or do QBE searches – so there is no need to know in advance which fields you must search on!
  • Searches can be started from the start of the file or from the currently highlighted record
  • When a match is found the user can display the identifying field of the record and a partial text string of the match.
  • QBE queries can be saved

VCR Flash Controls

  • VCR buttons let user display next claim form without returning to browse list
  • Supports next form record and last form  record.
  • Supports beginning of file and end of file

Right Report Writer

  • Easily create custom reports
  • Users create, edit and print reports easily, 
  • Importing and exporting of reports for ease of mobility
  • Nested table loops, as well as multiple secondary loops for the same parent loop
  • Reports can be graphical
  • (ie include text, images, lines, boxes) or textual (ie include just text strings).
  • Use Text-Reports to build exports exporting your data to other programs.
  • Output Reports in 
    • Excel, Word, PDF, eMail Reports
  • Upload reports to Cloud Storage
  • Import/Export Report Formats and share with other users

Multi-Data Set Management

  • Support for multiple data sets and runtime file deployment into CSIDL locations!
  • User data and INI files in locations that make them compliant with the UAC requirements 
  • First Run technology lets users select or confirm data locations (optionally suggested from CSIDL values) as well run setup procedures when you program is first ran on a computer.


  • Delimited (comma,tab,pipe,semicolon) ASCII,Flat ASCII and Dbase 3/4 supported
  • Wizard type steps make importing very easy to understand
  • For ASCII files there is the option to skip the header record (useful if this record contains just field names) and allow double quote marks.
  • Export to HTML, Delimited (comma,tab,pipe,semicolon) ASCII, Flat ASCII and Dbase, JSON & XML

Backup and Restore

  • Compression is excellent and uses the high performance 32 bit ZLIB DLL
  • Each set of backup objects will be given a unique serial number to ensure that only object from the same set are used on restore and also that the most recent backup is being used.
  • Any drive and path can be specified for backup – so large capacity drives such as ZIP 

Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboard

  • Dashboard displays all the real-time information to a user that they need to make decisions in a single window. 
  • Users can organize this data, and view it in a way that makes sense to them.
  • Dashboard is a container, containing many individual Widgets, and the user has complete control over which widgets are displayed, their size and their order.  

Securing Data at Rest Encryption & Hashing

  • We live in an age where very sensitive data needs to be stored, and it needs to be stored in a safe way so that it cannot be stolen, or altered, by users, or programs, without the appropriate access. Data stored in persistent storage (like on a hard drive, or in a database) is known as "Data At Rest".
  • Encryption 
    • AES256 Algorithm
  •  Hashing 
    • This allows tampering (of the encrypted value) to be detected