Healthcare v1.0

Healthcare v1.0

Healthcare v1.0Healthcare v1.0Healthcare v1.0


Softclaim ISV Independent Software Vendor

Software Innovation

  • Softclaim, Inc. We bring bold ideas, and unstoppable  enthusiasm to pursue them in our development of software technology for Healthcare .

  • Our success is founded on a proven continuous evolving cycle of  being adept at change in multiple simultaneous software technologies,  embracing, and integrating the full breadth of these technologies in our single solution, Softclaim™.

Softclaim Past - 8-Bit PC ~ Present - 64-Bit PC On A Stick

Yesterday - 8-Bit PC ~ Today - 64-Bit PC Compute Stick

  • The first software developed and commercially published was a medical insurance claim application, developed using COBOL "Common business-oriented language" deployed on an the 8-Bit IBM PC.

  • Today our Healthcare App for Windows™ deploys on the fastest tablets, workstations, and cloud to the smallest 64-Bit computing device that can be held in your hand.


Change Adept Success 

"The requirement in technology to become "change adept" has never been greater. Our primary mission as a team  is to have the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time. We believe that this is absolutely essential for continuous process improvement, product development, and superior customer support."