Softclaim Roots in Healthcare & Agile Innovation

Roots in Healthcare & Agile Innovation

Softclaim, Inc., a new startup founded on 38 years of IT and software development experience. We bring bold ideas, and unstoppable  enthusiasm to pursue them.

Agile Software Innovation

  • Proven agile development, technology integration, and a process for rapid software design, development, deployment, and maintainability.

Our success is founded on a proven continuous evolving cycle of  being adept at change in multiple simultaneous technologies,  embracing, and integrating the full breadth of these technologies in a single solution.

Softclaim Yesterday - 8-Bit PC ~ Today - 64-Bit PC On A Stick

Yesterday - 8-Bit PC ~ Today - 64-Bit PC On A Stick

  • The  founder started at age 26 on August 12, 1981 with the purchase  of an 8-Bit PC. 

  • The first software developed was a medical insurance claim system on DOS. Today our Healthcare IT App deploys on the fastest tablets, workstations, and cloud to the smallest device that can be held in a hand.


Change Adept Success 

"The requirement in technology to become "change adept" has never been greater. Our primary mission as a team  is to have the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time. We believe that this is absolutely essential for continuous process improvement, product development, and superior customer support."

Softclaim Teamwork

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

  • Our Team - strong leadership and management skills combined with our technical acumen towards the delivery of strong solutions that support the business mission; keeping an eye on bottom line. 
  • Our Team - offer a proven record of making outcome-based technology and business decisions that drive business process improvements and system-wide standardization. 
  • Our Team - are proven technology leaders who takes pride in developing high-quality, dependable systems and services while leading staff towards superior customer service and technical proficiency.

Softclaim Our Future Focus

Our Future Focus

  • Healthcare Technologies Coming in the Next 10 Years 
    • Donna Marbury, (2019, February 2). Managed Healthcare EXECUTIVE,  Six Healthcare Technologies Coming in the Next 10 Years. Retrieved October 16, 2019  <Link>
      • Better cloud integration with existing technologies
      • Deeper AI infusion
      • Infrastructure upgrades that make healthcare more accessible
      • Smarter therapies
      • Enhanced personalized medical care
      • Workflow that mimics consumer technology