About Us


Creating Innovations in Software Since August 1981

We bring bold ideas, and unstoppable  enthusiasm to pursue them in our development of software technology for Healthcare .

  • Proven experience and success at continuously evolving our cycle of  being adept at change in multiple simultaneous software technologies,  embracing, and integrating the full breadth of these technologies in our single solution, Softclaim™.

  • Change Adept Success "The requirement in technology to become "change adept" has never been greater. Our primary mission as a team  is to have the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time. We believe that this is absolutely essential for continuous process improvement, product development, and superior customer support."


Our Roots in Healthcare Software Development

  • The first software developed and commercially published was a medical insurance claim application, developed using COBOL "Common business-oriented language" deployed on an the 8-Bit 8088 IBM PC running PC DOS (Disk Operating System)
  • Implementation of our first application was in a capitation network of over 30 Physician's offices  submitting electronic claims via physicians office PC/Modem to a host server, adjudicated and uploaded to the insurance carrier for payment in Southern Florida in the mid 1980's.
  • Fast forward to Softclaim™ 2020. 
    • Architecture with "State-of-the-Art" Software Tools & Technologies
    • Deploys on the following platforms:  
      • 64-bit PC Stick 
      • Workstation
      • Server 
      • Cloud
      • Web
      • Mobile