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Touch Aware, Handwriting Recognition

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Map Patients, People and Things - with or without GPS


  • Home Health Care - Medical Claim Tracking 
  • Medical Transportation - Medical Supply Delivery
  • Maps, Routing, transportation management
  • Map Claims, Patients and more...
  • Map Anything, Anywhere...

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QR Codes in Health Care Services: Share Stored Patient Information With Ease

 Here are four use cases of QR Codes in health care services:

  1. Store Patient Information
  2. Drug Safety
  3. Medical Equipment Information
  4. Share Medical Information

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map routes Satellite, hybrid, traffic Directions, waypoints

Map Patients, People and Things - with or without GPS


Some more benefits of using qr codes in healthcare

QR Code Softclaim

QR Codes to Check Medical Record Information


Scan QR Code to Check Medicine Information

  • When it comes to health care, getting the right information is critical. 
  • With 91% of ePharma users owning a smartphone, using QR Codes will make it easier for them to access that information. 
  • If you are a part of the healthcare sector and wish to make information easily available to your patients, use QR Codes. 


Drug Safety

  • Consolidate medical data onto a QR Code. This helps faster access to counter Drug counterfeiting which is a global menace. 
  • Researchers in China have developed 3D ingestible QR codes to address this concern. The QR Codes are laser engraved on the polymer sheet and can be stuck on a capsule or tablet. 
  • Scanning the QR Code will allow users to authenticate the drug. o information.